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A Boca Raton man was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Thursday after being arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his father and a female family member.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the man was apparently fighting with his 75-year-old father when another family member arrived hoping to stop the dispute. The man is accused of picking the woman up with both his hands around her neck. 

Police included in their report that the father had bandages on both his forearms and blood was starting to seep through them. 

The accused was charged with battery on a person over age 65 as well as domestic battery.

pair-3361949_1920-300x145Sometimes personal conflicts between family members can result in domestic violence charges. Any type of arrest should be taken seriously, so it is very important to obtain legal help right away. Police, prosecutors, and Florida law do not take domestic violence arrests lightly, so you must protect your legal rights immediately so that you can avoid hefty fines, jail time, and even restricted access to your home and children. 

Our Palm Beach County Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers at Whittel & Melton want to help you avoid a domestic violence conviction whenever possible. As former prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, we have handled numerous cases where our clients have been accused of domestic violence. We can put our experience to work for you and help you through your unique journey with the criminal justice system. Our number one goal is to limit the criminal consequences you are facing after someone like a family member or spouse has accused you of violence. We will handle every aspect of your case from the investigative phase through trial (when necessary). We will do whatever can be done to have your charges reduced or dismissed entirely, but every case is different and presents its own set of challenges. 

What Constitutes Domestic Violence? 

A person can be charged with domestic violence in the state of Florida for assaulting or harming the following individuals: 

  • A spouse or domestic partner
  • A boyfriend, girlfriend, lover
  • A family member
  • A co-parent
  • A roommate or other household member that may or may not be a relative 

Domestic violence does not just take the form of physical abuse. It can include assault and battery, but can also be classified as psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, making threats, intimidation, harassment, stalking, and even exploitation. 

Any time there is evidence that points to abuse, prosecutors are hesitant to reduce or dismiss charges. However, it is quite common for the victim in these cases to not wish to proceed with prosecuting their spouse, partner or family member. In these cases it may be possible to get the charge dismissed so that both parties can move forward with their lives and leave this incident in the past.  

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Palm Beach County, we are happy to help you understand what you are up against in terms of your rights and the possible consequences of a conviction. With the right criminal defense lawyers on your side, it is entirely possible to beat the charges you are facing and return to your normal life. We are fully aware that many domestic violence accusations are false, which is why we will stand up for your rights and help your side of the story get told. We urge you to contact us right away to learn more about what we can do to help with your case. You can call us 24/7 at 561-367-8777 to request a completely free and confidential consultation. 

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