Methamphetamine Distribution Focus of Martin County Town Hall meeting

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is targeting meth labs and are looking to the community to help them on their quest.

News reports claim that eleven methamphetamine-related arrests in recent months prompted a town hall meeting last week, including a Stuart meth lab that was shut down last month and the recent arrest of a Jensen Beach man who was arrested for running a meth lab out of his home, despite being in a wheelchair.

Authorities credit new laws focused on cracking down on pill mills as contributing to the recent increase of methamphetamine use.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.01.22 PMAt the meeting, Sheriff William Snyder enlisted the community to be the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office, encouraging them to report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods– like trash with a lot of plastic bottles, allergy or cold pill containers, lithium batteries or cold packs that have been opened, as these could be an indication that someone is cooking meth.

The public awareness campaign is part of the Sheriff Office’s multi-front attack on meth use in Martin County. They are also collaborating with the DEA on a task force providing additional resources and training for detectives to investigate meth crimes.

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